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Women In Business: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

In the male-dominated business world, how can a woman stand out?

“Leadership has nothing to do with gender. It is built through sheer determination, perseverance, and hard work.” - Merrin Schnabel

There’s no denying that most businesses are still headed by male-counterpart but that doesn’t mean that women like us cannot succeed. But what exactly stops women from being business leaders?

I have listed some issues and challenges faced by women in business and how we can overcome these challenges. I have also included opportunities for growth and success.


  1. Equal Pay - Women are less favored when it comes to salary negotiations based on recent surveys. This is a sad reality. However, I still believe that women can change things and make it favorable to them. It is a matter of clearly communicating your value, what you can offer and what sets you apart from the rest that can make a difference.

  2. Gender Bias - Most companies still choose to have a male CEO. More women feel left out and are having a hard time climbing the corporate ladder. What can you do to stand out? Demonstrate your leadership qualities such as accountability, passion, commitment, confidence, humility, and transparency. The key is consistency. Who knows, you might be the next leader?


  1. Balancing Responsibilities - Taking care of your family responsibilities while running a business is definitely daunting. However, you can avoid being overwhelmed by setting your priorities, time management, and being open in receiving help (eg. having a babysitter or office assistant). Finding the balance will make your life fulfilled and happy.

  2. Fear of Failure - Diving in unknown territory can be nerve-wracking. That’s what usually women feel when it comes to starting their own venture. How to avoid this? The answer is to be prepared. Do your research, stay positive, create a network, and get connected. When you have laid all the possibilities and prepared yourself, you have nothing to fear.

  3. Gender Stereotypes - Gender views that were drawn from childhood can often extend into adulthood. Women feel that they belong less to the corporate field. It is important to change this kind of perspective - women are very much capable, smart, compassionate, innovative and they too can be business leaders.


  1. Online learning opportunities - With the rise of technology, you can start learning skills to build your credentials to land better opportunities and close deals. It is important to nurture the growth mindset and be open to the possibilities of life.

  2. Support System - There are groups focused on women empowerment like GWBC who are willing to help women in the struggle with their business ventures. GWBC helps women connect with each other for collaboration, networking, and establishing business ventures. GWBC already has successful events hosted by well-known speakers.

If you are interested in joining GWBC, don’t forget to follow and message me on Instagram. Stay tuned to my blogs so you can get great tips, business advice and so much more.

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