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A story of GWBC

Meet Merrin

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Words from Merrin, "I always had a passion for excellence in everything that I do. Whether as a mum or as a businesswoman, I firmly believe that hard work, perseverance, and authentic passion for what you do are the keys to success. Through the years, I was able to build a career in various fields such as modeling, acting, entrepreneurship, event hosting, public speaking, social media/brand ambassadorship, fashion styling, and life and business coaching. 

I have established Geelong Women’s Business Club (GWBC) as a platform to inspire, empower and connect businesses and women. I want to give entrepreneurs a platform to network with and mentor one another through speaking engagements and networking gatherings. I have amazing well-known speakers at my events. Successfully, my initiative has given life to several business ventures which I’m truly proud of. 

“My passion is deeply rooted in my desire to be in service to others and contribute positively to humanity.” - Merrin Schnabel

Since I’m all about charity and humanity. I have also partnered with charities and non-profit institutions to promote their causes and donate as much as I can to be able to help vulnerable and unprivileged people. It is tremendously rewarding knowing that I made a positive impact in the community.

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