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Powerful ways a woman can succeed

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

“Define success on your own terms, mine is serving others.” Merrin Schnabel

Women have always been powerful, but how can they get their power to show?

Power is not just about being strong physically, but also mentally. If women would be more confident in themselves and stop worrying about what society thinks of them then they will be able to get their true power.

Women empowerment is a process of improving the status and quality of life for women. The goal is to have a society where the law, resources, and customs are designed to be inclusive of women.

There are many ways in which women can succeed. Some of them are:

  1. Fulfill and Focusing on your Purpose

For a variety of reasons, fulfilling and focusing on purpose rather than leadership identity is critical. To begin with, as the Center for Creative Leadership's White Paper "Making Leadership Happen" explains, leadership is more than just a set of skills; it is an interpersonal process that entails direction, alignment, and commitment. We may connect others to a greater goal, inspire dedication, and improve determination by focusing on the purpose. It allows us to see beyond the status quo and take action despite our own worries and insecurities. It allows us to transcend beyond masculinized leadership standards. It gives you the energy and freedom to create, allowing you to follow your dreams.

1. Be a Mentor

People in the profession are very competitive, especially when it comes to moving up the career ladder. You should avoid falling into the traps of competition in a circumstance where matters and positions are at risk. When you're putting people up, not down, you're more likely to succeed.

You should establish a mentorship and support relationship. Instead of competing, provide useful information and offer advice and support when things get tough. Whether it's moving up the corporate ladder or starting a business, women should be mentors, not competitors.

2. Have Courage and Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

All of this requires us to take risks, be courageous, and have faith in ourselves. Set goals for yourself that you wish to achieve. Women are pioneers and innovators; many pathways have not been paved for us; we must forge our own. When we challenge conventions and experience conflict, we need more courage and agency. Consider challenges as chances and experiences, and your concerns as a reality check, not an impediment.

3. Grow your Network

Create a successful network by utilizing your abilities to build relationships. It is the most important factor in determining job success. Open, varied, and deep networks are the most effective. Within an organization and community, relationships transcend vertical and horizontal borders, and there is a high level of trust, reciprocity, and bonding. It's much more crucial to find role models, mentors, and sponsors. Over a cup of coffee, don't be hesitant to ask for assistance or time. The keys to cooperatively changing harmful norms are mutual respect and support.

It is not always easy for a woman to succeed. There are many challenges that go along with it. Over the years, I had to reflect and think about ways on how I can improve things, give back to my community and help other women to reach their fullest potential. I’m fortunate enough to be able to establish Geelong Women’s Business Club (GWBC) which is now making waves throughout Australia. My mission is to empower women to be at their best by providing them coaching sessions, powerful talks for industry experts and by giving them the opportunity to collaborate with other women.

Are you ready to be inspired and be the best that you can be? Join GWBC today!

You can also check our website at

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