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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

We all have a choice to focus on the negative or the positive. In this article, I’m going to

discuss the techniques and benefits of positive thinking and how can you actually do it.

“Don’t be pushed by fears, let your dreams lead you in life." - Merrin Schnabel

In this day and age, anyone can be easily affected by the negative things happening

around us. The misfortunes of others can cause us to think about what bad things might

happen to us in the future. We may even convince ourselves that we deserve to be

negatively affected because of something we did in the past.

When we start looking for excuses to be negative, we have given ourselves permission

to take a step back from being positive thinkers. It is up to us what we choose, and if we

want to be positive thinkers, it is up to us what we do with these thoughts.


Positive thinking is something that is not just reserved for the lucky few. It requires time

and effort to change your mindset, but you can always do it. Here are a few techniques

that you can try.

1. Manage your emotions. - Before you can actually manage your emotions, you

have to be aware of them. Ask yourself, why are you feeling that way. What are

the triggers of your negative emotions? Understanding the triggers/source will

help you overcome or avoid them so you can guard your emotions well.

2. Recognize your worth. - Many people unconsciously don’t realize their worth.

They presume that the measure of their self-worth comes from other people’s

approval which is totally wrong. Each of us is worthy of love, respect, and

acceptance. Once you recognize your worth, you can live your life to the fullest

by accepting your strengths and seeing opportunities for growth in your


3. Even in the face of adversity, maintain your optimism. - I understand that this

phrase is can be easily said than done. But dwelling on negative thoughts will do

you no good either. Reframing the situation could be your advantage. Instead of

seeing it as a problem, why not see it as an opportunity. This way you will regain

a sense of control and be challenged to find solutions to your problem.

4. Use positive affirmations instead of negative self-talk. - Positive affirmations are

positive phrases that describe how you want to be. It is a powerful way to

develop your character. After all, what we perceived, the body will follow.

5. Surround yourself with positive people. - Birds of the same feathers flock

together. Positive people help you see things from a different perspective. They

instill confidence in you, help you to make better decisions, encourage you to

ignore negativity, and motivate you to follow your dreams. Most of all, they make

us happy and keep us optimistic when things are not working well.

6. Eat well, have enough rest, and exercise. - Incorporating a healthy diet and

exercise is one of the keys to well-being.


Choosing not to see the positives in life will only bring more negativity into your life.

In order to think positively, you have got to work at it. You have to actively resist the

negative thoughts that come into your head and replace them with thoughts that you

know are going to make you happier and more fulfilled in life.

Here are the benefits of positive thinking:

- Prolonged life expectancy

- Reduced risks for cardiovascular diseases

- Lower levels of anxiety, distress, and depression

- Better relationships with others

- Build resiliency and resourcefulness

- Finding meaning in life, more happiness, and fulfillment

- A stronger sense of life’s purpose

Positive thinking is an antidote for all these thoughts and feelings which are draining us

of energy and happiness. By cultivating a positive thinking attitude, you will soon see

your life improves in ways you never thought possible.


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