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Merrin Schnabel on "How To Become a Successful Entrepreneur?"

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Are you ready to take the risk and be the Entrepreneur you always dreamed of?

Women are continuously breaking stereotypes. And I’m grateful to be part of it! I have successfully founded The Inspired Health Company (Fitness Products), ByMerrin (Women’s Fashion Collection) and a group GWBC (Platform for women empowerment). Gone are the days where only men dominated the business arena.

Today, I’m going to share some tips for you to become the next Successful Entrepreneur.

Everyone has a dream and it’s there for a reason. You have to create a space to get yourself right internally and then flourish externally. - Merrin Schnabel

1. Be Passionate

Running a business takes a lot of time. The only way for you to stick around longer is to do what you’re passionate about. You might have a talent for cooking, stitching, writing, art, and so on. Don’t let other people hold you back, thinking that you’re not good enough. All successful entrepreneurs started as a beginner, you too can make your way to success.

2. Take a Risk

The business arena is a truly challenging and competitive path for anyone to take. Don’t be discouraged! As long as you work hard and put your mind to it, all will be fine. All entrepreneurs face different struggles in operating a business, make sure you are ready to take risks and you have a plan on how to tackle different issues in your business.

3. Balance is Key

Women can achieve absolutely anything. We can be mums and entrepreneurs as well. Go for it!

You don’t have to sacrifice a dream for another. All you have to do is set proper time management and life-work balance.

4. Keep Learning

Remember, your first might be a failure but you have to start somewhere in order to build your skills, confidence, and establish business processes and systems. You can take inspiration from your past mistakes and deliver more than expected next time.

Success is not only monetary but also being able to provide Goodness to Humanity. - Merrin Schnabel

5. Do it for the Greater Good

Businesses serve a purpose and it’s our responsibility to give the best to our customers or clients. We don’t just do it for ourselves. It is important that the business is founded with a positive and impactful mission that will serve the greater good.

Are you struggling to start your own business? I would love to help you out, bring the best in YOU so that you can start that dream of yours! Join our GWBC Group, it’s a platform where we empower individuals in their life and business.

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