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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

“Leadership is not just an ability to influence the people around you but the power to transform someone’s life.” - Merrin Schnabel

Leadership is a term that has been historically dominated by men. But, this doesn’t mean that women can’t be good leaders.


Most organizations may have their own leadership team, but they still require a highly visible central figure who will be responsible for ensuring that the leadership teams from each business sector are on the same page and fully aware of the company's short and long-term business plans. Why? Because great leaders have the ability to motivate others to achieve their full potential and achieve great levels of personal and professional success. A strong CEO, for example, will be able to motivate his or her staff to utilize their initiative for the benefit of the company, increasing their chances of thriving in the company and receiving pay hikes, promotions, and opportunities to further develop their business abilities.


Women are more likely to be promoted than men and more likely to be nominated as the next leader. But they’re also more likely to be overlooked for leadership positions and less likely to get the first chance at an important promotion.

This is why leadership skills of women are so crucial and we need to learn how can a woman become a leader. There's some research that has found that many women find themselves in positions of power even though they may not be planning on it. Women tend to wait for someone else to ask them about the leadership position before applying for such positions, but men will just go ahead and apply without waiting for such requests.

Do you have a dream to climb the corporate ladder but don’t know where to start? Or do you plan to start a business and make powerful connections and you think being a leader figure can help you achieve your goals?

In this article, I’m going to tackle some ways in which women can hone their leadership skills and stand out in the business and corporate world.


1. Be Confident

One way in which a woman can be a leader is to not feel obliged to live up to the stereotypes of leadership that society has dictated for them. They should instead, take charge and put their own leadership skills into good use. They should also be confident about their skills and abilities and not shy away from taking responsibility when needed.

2. Learn From Other Female Leaders

Women should also try to learn from other female leaders so they know what it takes to succeed in this field. Learning from others who have successfully taken on the role of a leader will allow these women to avoid making the same mistakes that others do.

3. Putting Creativity At Work

An effective female leader approaches problems with creativity. She cultivates a work environment that demonstrates the exchange of diverse perceptions and even welcomes bizarre ideas. She understands that when members dare to be creative and inventive, there is a danger of failure because failure is a natural part of the creative process. Using creativity and learning in the process is what makes a good leader.

4. Emotional Intelligence

E.Q. (Emotional intelligence) is as important as I.Q.

Women who are emotionally intelligent have a sense of inner serenity and can lead without their egos getting in the way. They don't let their emotions stand in the way of making good decisions, and they're proactive rather than reactive.

Women who are strong leaders have empathy for the people they lead and are not self-centered and just concerned with their own advancement. They know how to disregard incorrect advice without hurting their advisors.

5. Ask Questions

It’s easy to assume that as leaders, they know all the answers. No, they don’t but they are not afraid to ask the questions that will educate them and create efficiency at the workplace.

6. Adaptability Is The Key

Adaptability is just as crucial as confidence, communication skills, and perseverance for all leaders. Successful women are those who have the confidence to shift direction if necessary in an ever-changing business environment.

They face a distinct mix of demands as technology, the workforce, and client expectations evolve. They must be adaptable and capable of utilizing change to their advantage.


Leadership roles for women are changing. The world is changing, and our workplaces are changing with it. Organizations are recognizing that they need diversity in order to stay competitive, and diverse leadership ensures that the organizations can grow into the future. With this in mind, women should hone their skills to take on leadership roles.

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